What is you chose to receive an unlimited amount of coaching sessions for one year?

  • Unlimited: No restriction on the number of sessions you can do, as long as do what you talked about with Sophie in the previous session. (yes, you will have easy homework).
  • Vision included: The first 12 sessions will focus on your vision for 12 areas of your life to know where you are going.
  • Energetic and pragmatic: In these 15 minutes coaching sessions (they will be recorded) you will receive energetic and pragmatic tools that will allow you to finally move forward in all areas of your life. 
1 Payment

  • With No Jugement: During these sessions Sophie listens to you without any judgement but with the absolute desire to see wht you ask for actualized. 
  • Nobody can beat this price: To have access to an international coach for $100 per month, you will not get this anywhere else. 
  • More than a coach, a partner: If you are ready to receive what you ask for, you will get not only a coach with this program but also a partner! She walks with you and connects with you even when you are not in a session!